You’ve set up your Facebook Business Page and started posting, but are you getting all out of it that you can? Chances are you are not! While many things can be done on your mobile, there are more options for a business page when you are logged in on a desktop so make sure to check both out. Here are 7 things you probably aren’t doing for your business page right now:

1.Invite people who like your post to like your page.

Whether it’s a paid ad or something you posted on your page, you can invite anyone who liked that post/ad to like your page! Just go to the post and click on the list of people who liked your post,


You’ll get a pop up box that will include “invite” if they haven’t liked your page already.

It’s simple and should be done once a week. Someone that has interest in your posts is very likely to have interest in your page and your business too!

2. Schedule posts directly in Facebook.

I get asked all the time what the best scheduler is for Facebook. Well, it’s Facebook of course! You don’t need a post planner/scheduler for your Facebook Business page, the best way is to do it from a desktop right in Facebook!

To schedule a post, start at the top of your business page and click Publishing Tools:

Next, click scheduled posts on the top left.

Then, find create on the top right corner.

Last, create your post as you normally would except choose schedule in the drop down box.

That’s all there is to scheduling your posts right on Facebook!

3. Get demographic information about your audience.

Want to know where in the world your audience is? Curious to know if you have more women or men followers? Basic demographic information if available right on the top of your page in Insights:

Once in Insights, go the the left column and click on people.

Here you’ll find your followers’ breakdown of gender and ages.

Scroll down a little further to see where in the world they live.

Knowing this information can help you create content that will work well with your audience’s demographic.

4. Follow other pages and comment as your business page.

Yes, that’s right! You can follow a business pages as your business page and not just as your personal profile. If you do B2B this is particularly beneficial because you can let other potential clients know who you are by liking their page. Once on the business page you want to like, click the 3 dots under the cover image and scroll down to “Like As Your Page”.

Not only is this a great way to be seen on Facebook but you can also use your Pages Feed, located on the right side about halfway down, to check out the feeds of the businesses you follow and comment on them as your business page.

Typically it will automatically default to comment from your page when you are on your pages feed, but if it doesn’t you can change it here.

5. Join Facebook Groups as your page.

This was a slow roll out for Facebook Pages. While most of my clients have had it for months, I just got the option last week! So if you don’t have this, be on the lookout for it coming soon.

Hit the “Join Group” button on the groups page.

You will get a pop up option like this one if you have the option to join as your page.

If you don’t get this pop up, keep checking. It’s been rolled out to most pages now but there might still be a few that haven’t gotten it.

6. You have an Ad Center tab but you shouldn’t use it.

Please don’t boost a post just because Facebook said you should! While there can be a time and a place to boost a post, 90% of advertising dollars are better spent when an ad campaign is built correctly and targeted to a specific audience in the Business Manager. The Ad Center does not typically have the tools available to make your ad dollars worth spending there. While Business Manager can be overwhelming, it is important to have the proper audiences in place, your website pixels set up, and your ad campaign goals chosen strategically. Having these in place means you’ll have a better return on those advertising dollars! If you don’t know what any of this means then please educate yourself on Facebook Advertising and Facebook Business Manager. You can find information on the web, you can hire someone to teach you, or hire someone to do your ads for you but please don’t just waste money boosting to a huge audience. That rarely gets results.

7. Don’t use the default Contact Us button on your page.

When you set up your Facebook Page did you choose a button (the one under your cover image) strategically or did you just leave it at contact us and throw in a phone number or website? If it’s the latter, think about making a change there. There are 6 button categories to choose from! It’s easy, just hover over the button under your image and click edit.

Then you’ll be presented with 6 categories to choose from:

Here’s what each one means and how you can use it:

Book with you: Have a potential client book an appointment with you. You can set it up right in Facebook or use a link from an outside scheduler like Calendly.

Contact you: I typically stay away from this one because someone can always message you straight from your page and let’s be honest, most won’t  bother to call or email when messenger is available. The only exception is to use Sign Up. If you have a challenge or a contest that you’re advertising on your cover photo or on your page, using this button with a link to sign up can work well.

Learn more about your business: The Watch Video or Learn More button can be great, especially if you have a call to action in your cover image.

Shop with you: Shop Now is a great place to put your link to your website’s product page or your Shopify store. See Offers can work too if you are advertising any special offers on your page or cover image.

Download: This is perfect if you have an app or game that you are selling or giving away.

Join Your Community: The Visit Group button can be powerful to let your followers know that you also run a Facebook Group and to ask them to join it. Just make sure it’s a group related and linked to your Facebook Business Page, this shouldn’t be used for personal groups.

As you grow your Facebook Business Page I hope you find these tips helpful. Have another great tip or a question? Contact me anytime:

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