Organic social media isn’t dead – especially on Instagram! If you are using Instagram for your business but are not sure why it’s not growing or it’s getting little engagement. These tips are for you! Make sure you are doing these 4 things along with creating great content that your ideal client resonates with: 

Post Consistently On Instagram

I get asked all the time: “How many times a week should I be posting?” Honestly, your business’s ideal number of posts is truly the number you can keep up with consistently. Why? Well, Instagram’s algorithm rewards consistent posting. Whether that’s 2 times a day or 2 times a week, it doesn’t matter. Just don’t post 2 times a day this week and 2 times total next week. You will see a drop in engagement and followers when you go back and forth in your number of postings. It’s important to keep it to a realistic number that you can do every week!

Engage On Instagram

Ever hear, don’t post and ghost? Truly, it’s a real thing. Don’t do it! Social media is meant to be social and Instagram is the most social of them all! Spend 15-20 minutes a day/ 5 days a week engaging on accounts you follow, accounts like yours, accounts that would be your ideal clients, and posts that use your idea clients’ hashtags. Pro Tip: when engaging on hashtags switch to the recent posts – you know those accounts are currently active on Instagram! Also, on days you post content, engage right after you post to help boost it.

Use Video On Instagram

Believe it or not, I still see many accounts posting only pictures. While using all the features, including photos, is important – you have to mix it up! Video is queen on any social media platform these days and Reels, Lives, and videos should be part of your Instagram strategy.

Optimize Your Instagram Bio

If you want to have more of your ideal clients hit that follow button, zone into what your bio is saying about your business. Are you calling to your ideal clients’ wants and needs or just talking about yourself? Your bio should tell your ideal client what results you (or your product) get for them. Tell them why they need to hit that follow button! Then make sure to give them a reason to click that link in bio. Don’t just drop your website – make it a free offer for them to download while you collect their email address. Now you have another way to nurture them to convert them into a client. 

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