If your Instagram bio isn’t making your ideal client click follow, then it’s time to give it a makeover. Let’s turn your Instagram bio into a lead generating machine! Using the steps below, start attracting the right audience to your content.

Make Sure Your Instagram Name Has Keywords

I’m talking about the name field here – this is separate from your username. The name field can be updated in your profile section. This is the only field that is keyword searchable on Instagram so don’t waste it! Make sure you use words in the name field that your ideal client will be searching for on Instagram. For example, I help business owners with social media and branding on social media so those words are in my name field – “Lori | Social Media Branding”.

Don’t be afraid to change up those keywords either. If you have a special promotion this month and want those keywords to work with your promotion then use them. Just make sure it still makes sense with the bio you have (this can be changed monthly too if needed). Use these keywords to draw the right audience in for the content you are currently creating. 

Using Your Location on Instagram

Put in your location in the profile section – just city/state or country. Even if you sell your services/products anywhere, it can be a great way for someone to feel a connection with you. It’s not a turn-off if they don’t have that connection, but when they do, it’s a great conversation starter and automatically starts the know/like/trust factor you need to later sell to them. There’s really no downside of adding your city/state or country so make sure you use it to connect with locals. 

The Body Of Your Instagram Bio

Make your bio about your ideal client, not you. Yes, I know that may sound weird but even though it’s your profile, it’s not all about you here if you want someone to hit that follow button. People want to know what’s in it for them so tell them! 

You shouldn’t have personal information here (# kids, pets, etc) unless it directly relates to your business.  These 150 characters need to be jammed packed with information that will make your ideal client say, “I need to see more” so they hit follow. 

The best way to attract your ideal client is to talk about the transformation your product/service takes them on. In other words, how you or your product takes them from Point A (where they are now) to Point B (where they want to be). For an example, we’ll use mine again:

Simplify Instagram and attract more clients with ease! No more frustration, no living on your phone, and no ads.

The first part tells them exactly what I do for them, Point B and the last part calls out their pain points and where they are now, Point A. If you relate to this then you are probably my ideal client and will hit follow. If it doesn’t, that’s ok too because you aren’t my ideal client. If you don’t hit follow that’s fine because you’d probably never want to buy from me anyway. Make sense?

Lastly, try to summarize this transformation in 125 characters or less so you leave some room to make an offer for your link – we’ll get to that next!

Hook Them With Your Instagram Link!

So many business owners pop in their website here and call it a day. Please don’t do that! Use that bio link to give your ideal client a way to take action. What should that action be? Think about the transformation from Point A to Point B that you talked about in your bio, what do they need to take action towards that goal? Create a free offer around what they need. A guide… a checklist… a free 15 minute call. What can you offer that will move them one step closer to be ready to say yes to your service/product?

This freebie, guide, checklist, free call would be your lead magnet. You can set up a way through your email system that collects their email address and then delivers this lead magnet. Now you have them on your email list. If they don’t download right away you can still use this lead magnet to start talking to your ideal clients in your DMs! 

Once you have your Instagram link connected to your lead magnet we’ll go back to the last section where you left 25 characters in your bio for the offer. Make a call to action in the last part of your bio telling them what they will get if they click that link. Make them want to click it. Make it juicy! 

Taking these 4 steps will help turn your Instagram bio into a lead generating machine! Want to learn more about creating a lead magnet for your ideal client and how to use it on Instagram?

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The free 3 day challenge includes access to the trainings on how to create your lead magnet step by step, all the replays, and my personalized review of your lead magnet when you join my free Facebook group, Instagram Success Community. See you there!

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