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Hi, I’m Lori!  Nice to meet you!

I’m a social media and branding expert who loves graphic design, fonts, long walks on the beach…and helping my clients bring their ideas to fruition and spread their message through the power of paid and organic social media!

After spending nearly a decade in corporate marketing (and even longer on my MBA and digital marketing certification), I struck out on my own to work with some of my favorite people – small businesses and entrepreneurs who are making waves in their niches!

But fair warning – I’m a little different than other digital marketers out there.   

You see, I don’t believe increasing my clients’ social media followers is what counts the most.  

That’s because I don’t believe that vanity metrics such as likes or followers are a true reflection of my clients’ customer base or engagement.  And they typically don’t translate into sales.

I believe that inspiring content, combined with on-brand visuals and killer social media strategy is what my clients need to help serve the people who need them most.

And that’s what I deliver – helping my clients increase their brand awareness, grow their businesses, create online relationships with their target audience, and make an impact through the power of social media.

Interested to see how I can help you up-level your social media?  Click the button to book a call, and let’s chat!

Not ready to connect one on one? Here are a few free ways I can still help:

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