“Just a Little Help” Packages

I have a passion for helping small businesses and entrepreneurs find their voice on social media and amplify their brand. I offer a few “starter” packages for those who are managing their brand and social media themselves but want some guidance. If you aren’t ready to commit to a monthly social media manager, these deals are for you:

Copy of Copy of Twitch Banner – Untitled DesignSocial Media Review/Audit:

This deal will teach you how to optimize your current social media profiles, what to post when, and how to leverage your brand on social media. It includes:

  • A review of the social media profile of your choosing. The review includes actionable tips on how to improve your profile to gain more followers.
  • A written guide on how to use your social media platform most effectively for your business.  Tips on best ways to increase engagement, what posts work best for your business, how to network on social media, insights on your current audience, and more.
  • A video walking you through your social media profile and showing you where you could improve.
  • A 4 week social media plan that you can reuse as an idea guide every month.

One Social Media Profile Audit for $199. Add additional profiles (must be same business) for $149 each.

posts.pngSocial Media Custom Graphics Bundle:

This is perfect if you are running your own social media but need some custom graphics to spice up your feed. Graphics will be custom created just for your brand with your font, colors, and logo.

  • 10 custom social media graphics designed specifically for your brand to attract your audience.

10 Custom Graphics for $175.

eng graphics.pngSocial Media Pre-designed Graphics Bundle:

Sometimes you need some graphics to get the conversation started. These graphics are pre-designed and encourage more engagement with your audience by asking questions or sharing motivational quotes. There are 120+ graphics to choose from and all can be customized with your logo, font, and colors.

  • 10 social media pre-designed graphics with your logo, font, and colors.

10 Pre-designed Graphics for $100.

hashtags.pngInstagram Hashtag Research:

Do you know which hashtags are right for your Instagram account? Do you know how to optimize your post engagement with hashtags? You should be using hashtags that are best for your business, target audience, location, and account size. Let me do the research for you. This deal includes:

  • 4 sets of 20 unique hashtags researched for your business and audience.
  • 1 set of 8-12 location hashtags to reach your audience where you want to be. ⠀

Total of 5 Hashtag Sets for $100.

I am always open to creating custom packages for your business so reach out if you need something different: loricaralis@gmail.com


If you aren’t ready to hire someone to help with social media but want tips from the experts and a great place to ask your questions, join my free Facebook Group:

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