By now, most know that to grow your Instagram following organically, you need to engage with other profiles. If you put in the time, it definitely works but who has all that extra time? There’s no magic formula to engage without spending time on Instagram but here’s what I do.

3 ways to save time while doing strategic engagement that will grow your Instagram following:

Create Instagram Quick Replies.

Did you know this one exists? I’m surprised when I tell people about quick replies that most don’t even know what it is!  Do you send a lot of the same messages on Instagram DM over and over again? Maybe a thanks for following message or a few questions to start the conversation with a potential customer? As long as you have a business account, you can type these messages out once and reuse them over and over again! 

Go to: Settings> Business> Quick Replies. Hit the + button at the top, name your message and type it out. Now when you are in your DMs, you hit the + button, then the comment bubble with three dots, and you’ll have the choice to send one of your quick replies. 

Watch it in action!

Create Saved Folders To Engage On Posts Later.

Sometimes you might only have 5 or 10 minutes, like when you’re waiting for your child at practice or standing in line at the store, use those few minutes to search through the hashtags you use frequently and save posts to engage on later. Then, when you have time to sit down and leave authentic comments, you’ll have a whole folder of perfect posts to engage on and you won’t have to spend time searching for them!

How to save a post? When you’re on a post, click the bookmark icon below the picture on the right. The ‘save to collection” option will pop up, click it and create an engagement folder to save it to. Now you have them all in one place! 

How to you find the folder later? Go to your home page, click the 3 lines on the top right corner, and go to Saved. All your folders and saved posts will be there. 

Here’s what it looks like!

Instagram Saved Folders

Use Creator Studio To Answer Instagram Direct Messages and Comments.

Answering every comment and DM you get is essential to growing your Instagram profile. Did you know there’s a way to manage all your Instagram (and Facebook) comments and DMs  in one place on your desktop for free? If your Instagram business account is connected to your Facebook Business Page then you already have this option! Instead of trying to go through all your notifications searching for the comments and new DMs, get them all here:

Go to your connected Facebook Business Page on a desktop. Choose Publishing Tools along the top. Once there, choose Creator Studio from the left side menu.  You can go to your inbox and find all your unanswered messages and comments in one place! Already organized and easy to reply to. 

Want to see how it works? Check it out.

I use these time saving engagement tips on my own profiles and my clients’ profiles. It saves me so much time! Let me know if you’ve tried these before or if you have any other time saving engagement tips. I’d love to hear from you ❤️

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