Canva is my favorite tool to create social media graphics. You can edit and filter photos, create templates, design branded graphics, and produce videos. The results are as endless as your creativity! One Canva tool that is often overlooked is Effects. You can create some amazing unique graphics and photos with just a click of your mouse! 

Canva Effects include Background Remover, Duotone, Bad TV, Color Mix, Glitch, Liquify, Pixelate, Screen, and Slice. I find some of these more valuable than others so you should play around with them all and see which ones work best with your photos and brand. Here are the 4 Effects I use the most.

Background Remover

Background remover is probably the most useful of all the Canva Effect tools. It can be used in so many ways to create really fun photos. You can also use it to clean up templates. When adding a photo of a person into a template, instead of using a photo frame, try removing the background and adding the picture on top of the template for a cleaner look. Here’s a tutorial on how to do it:

Slice Canva Effect

I love using the slice tool for patterns and backgrounds. It actually slices the picture horizontally and moves the pieces to create a really fun look. Here are a few examples of how I use the slice effect: 


The Glitch Effect creates some funky photos. Try the stencil look to get a black background with a glow in the dark effect or use the radiate glitch tool to get a color drag photo like this one: 


This Canva Effect has a lot of variety. A majority of it’s choices will turn your photos black and white with a psychedelic or screen like filter. Play around with the different options to create photos like this:

Canva has even more effects than I mentioned here but these are a few that I love to use. Do you Canva Effects? Which one is your favorite?

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