May will soon be here and I’m loving the longer, warmer days! There are lots of May holidays for your social media calendar too. Here’s just a few reasons to create content around these May holidays:

Social media holidays offer a great opportunity to connect with your audience on a personal level.

By sharing content related to these holidays, businesses can show their audience that they understand and care about the things that are important to them.

May holidays will create some extra engagement.

Social media holidays are a great way to boost engagement. By encouraging people to participate in activities related to the holiday, you can create a sense of community and foster a stronger relationship with your audience.

May holidays for social media

Create content around some May holidays that align with your brand values.

For example, if your audience loves Star Wars, celebrating Star Wars Day on May 4th is a must. If your brand is passionate about animal welfare, creating content around National Rescue Dog Day on May 20th is an important way to connect with your audience. 

May holiday content can increase brand visibility.

Collaborating with other brands for  May holidays content can be a great way to boost your brand visibility. Using relevant hashtags for that day is also another way to reach a new audience with social media holidays. 

Social media holidays provide great opportunities for businesses to connect with their audiences, showcase their brand values, and create engaging content. Here’s a list of May holidays for you to consider. Make sure to use only the holidays that work for your brand.

May holidays for social media

Here’s my social media pro tip for the month:

Now that you’ve got your content ready for May, it’s time to think about summer. Start planning out your summer social media content now so you can have more days on the beach!. Do you typically plan ahead for your summer content? If not, I’ve got your back.  I’ll be doing my next blog about planning summer social media so stay tuned!

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