Everyone is hashtagging everything these days on Instagram. Do you know if you are using the right hashtags for your business? Do you know how to research hashtags on Instagram? Here’s a quick 1 minute video tutorial on how to find the right hashtag for your business and for your Instagram’s account size.

And don’t forget you can use up to 30 hashtags. Use as many as you can to get the most visibility. The research may take some time but it is worth it if you want to grow your Instagram following!

If you want a more step-by-step guide, see below:

  1. Start on your profile page and click the magnify glass at the bottom. InkedIMG_7032_LI
  2. Type in a popular hashtag you currently use on the search bar at the top. InkedIMG_7033_LI
  3. Then you will see your hashtag and how many posts it gets, make sure you have Tags highlighted.  InkedIMG_7034_LI
  4. Click on the hashtag to see it’s most popular posts. InkedIMG_7039_LI
  5. Click on some of those posts to see how many likes they are getting. 500? 1,000? 3,000? Use the range of likes you find on the top posts to see if you can compete in this hashtag. If you only get 50 likes per post and the average for that hashtag is 1,500-3,000, then you will get lost in that hashtag. Still use it but research a similar smaller one to use as well that you won’t get so lost in.
  6. To research smaller hashtags, you can look at the Related Hashtags at the top of this screen. If those aren’t a good fit, hit the back arrow and go back to the previous page and look through those hashtags. Find one that makes sense for your business, click on it and check it’s top posts till you find one that gets similar number of likes as your business does.

Use this new hashtag along with the more popular one and you will soon see improvement in your likes and followers as more people find you.

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