When answering these questions, it helps to: Be authentic. Be creative. Use humor. Be emotional. People want to know that you care.

  • What is the purpose of your company?
  • What difference or impact are you trying to make?
  • What makes your story worth listening to? What will appeal to YOUR customer on a personal level?
  • What was your company like in the first few years?
  • What does it look like now?
  • What is the future of your company?
  • What problem does your company solve?
  • How are you successful?
  • What is exciting about your company?
  • Why is your company DIFFERENT from everyone else in your industry?

After answering these questions write down any memorable situations, creative solutions, or unexpected outcomes you have had in your business. How do they relate to the above questions? These key questions are a great starting point to writing your brand story. You do not need to use everything you wrote down but pick a few that stand out and you’ll see a story starting to form. The ideal brand story is 1-3 paragraphs long. You can use the longer version on your website and pick out key sentences to use in social media profile descriptions. The more consistent you stay to your brand story, the more trust you will build in the brand.


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