Do you plan out your social media content, just post randomly when you get a chance, or something in between? Posting once per day for 5 days a week will bring better results than posting 5 times in one day and nothing the rest of the week.

If you are looking to grow your brand on social media, creating a consistent, strategic content plan can help. Sitting down for 15 minutes at the beginning of the week to plan out your posts makes being consistent a lot easier. Then make sure to set aside a little time each day to post or you can use a post planner and do it for the week all at once. Pro Tip: If you use a post planner, you still need to engage. Don’t just set it and forget it!

My advice is always to focus on doing 2 social media platforms well first. You are better off killing it on Facebook and Instagram and neglecting the other platforms then spreading yourself so thin you aren’t doing any of them well.

If you are new to business social media or are feeling overwhelmed trying to be on 5 different platforms, pick the two that are the best places to reach your target audience and focus on only those two. Once you get the hang of posting consistently, it does get easier and you can add on a third or maybe even fourth social media platform if you feel up to it.

It’s always good to experiment with your own audience to see what works best but if you are struggling with how often to post, here are some general guidelines:

Instagram                          1-2x day               5-7 days a week

Instagram Stories             1-5 day                 3-7 days a week

Facebook                            1-2x day               5-7 days a week

Facebook Live                   1x day                  1-3 days a week

Linked In                            1x day                  3-5 days a week

Pinterest                             10+ pins day       3 days a week /pins and repins

Twitter                                3-5x day               5-7 days a week/tweet and retweets

It’s also good to note that if you really don’t have enough content to post 5 Instagram Stories for 5 days a week than don’t. Do what you have enough good content to do. It’s better to be consistent but do a little less, than to post something off brand or not interesting to your audience just to fill space. It might mean a little slower growth but keep it authentic and you’ll attract the right followers.

Now that you have an idea of how many social media platforms you should start with and how many times a week to post, it’s time to plan it all out! Use my Google Sheet template to input all your post ideas and keep you on track all week long: Download my free Content Calendar Template.


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