Everyone knows that Instagram is the “prettiest” of social media platforms and how your photos and graphics look matter. It can be intimidating to try to get your photos and graphics “Instagram pretty” though. Most business owners don’t have a graphic design background. So how can you get that consistent beautiful feel for your Instagram feed? For me, the answer is Canva. It’s simple, does a lot of the work for you, and with a little effort, almost anyone can learn how to make beautiful graphics and photos with it. 

I’ve used Canva for years now (and no I’m not an affiliate – I make no money recommending them. I just love their product so much and have taught other business owners how to use it and know the success they’ve had!). I’ve seen how much it helps people who are overwhelmed with creating social media graphics and photos feel confident in their ability to create great content! Here are some ways you can use Canva to help improve the aesthetics of your Instagram profile: 

1.Find Brand Color Photos – If you take a look at my Instagram account you’ll notice my brand colors are pink and blue and all my photos have those colors in them. How do I find most of them? From the stock photos right in Canva! 

Let’s say you want to find some office themed photos in blue, just type into the photo search bar “blue office” and a ton of blue office themed photos will come up. Want some cute flat lay photos you see on other’s Instagram feeds? Type in “pink flat lay” and you will find so many to chose from. Pic downloads are typically a $1 but if you have the Pro plan for $12.95/month you will get access to many free photos. I have the Pro plan and never pay extra for photos.

2. Filters – Most busy business owners want to schedule out their Instagram and not be posting their content live daily. It makes sense to use a schedule but then you lose the gorgeous Instagram filters right? Well, Canva offers filters! 

If you’re not the best photographer (I for one, am not.) filters can make your so-so photos go from blah to Instagram worthy! Try out the filters on Canva, adjust the intensity of each one, and see which work for your pictures. 

Typically choose 2-3 filters to use consistently to give your Instagram profile the overall branded look. If none of the filters are perfect for you, you can manually adjust things like brightness, contrast, and tint to get that perfect look. Then you can download the edited filtered photo and put it into your Instagram scheduler!

3. Videos – You hear all the time that videos rule on Instagram. Doing a video or two a week really does help with your engagement!  But what if you don’t want to get in front of the camera or you are terrible at making videos or just don’t have the right phone to do it? Canva can string a few pictures together and make a video for you! 

The paid version does have a ton of cool edits and features but even the free version offers video. Create a few graphics or photos in a single Canva file and when going to download, choose video. You’ll get a short video of your pics you can share on Instagram!

4. Use Canva Templates – So you want to post a quote or use a graphic to showcase your product or service…but how in the world? You’re not a designer, right? Well, you don’t have to be! Canva offers free templates for quotes and graphics for both Instagram posts and Instagram Stories! 

Just pick the one you like and drop in the text, choose your brand colors and drop in any other elements you want. A professional look without having to design it yourself. You can set up a few of these templates to use over and over for things you do often like quotes, tips, or sales. 

5.  Make Your Own Templates – If you have time and want something completely unique, why not create your own templates? Canva gives you lots of options!  There are all kinds of elements you can choose from to create your own template: shapes, picture frames, fonts, colors, grids, stickers, and illustrations. Make templates that are perfect for your brand!

Having a beautiful Instagram feed is easier than you probably thought. Check out Canva and utilize my simple tips to create beautiful photos and graphics that are Instagram worthy! 

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