Pinterest just keeps growing year over year and if you’ve been overlooking it for your business, it’s time to pay attention! My friend Tammie Jones is a Pinterest genius and I’m so honored to have her guest blogging this week to fill you in on all things Pinterest.

Guest blog by Tammie Jones, Pinterest Marketing Strategist/Educator, Founder of The Pin Guild & Milani Social Media Marketing

As a Pinterest Strategist, I help businesses harness the power of the most under-utilized search engine to build brand awareness, increase leads, and boost sales. I manage accounts organically and through paid strategies, and teach how to set up and utilize Pinterest at the individual and agency levels. I have found a new love in speaking on Pinterest at conferences, events, and podcasts. I have been doing this for 2 years and love it still! So lets dive right in!

Reason #1: Pinterest is a Visual Discovery/Search Engine 

Pinterest is just beginning to be seen for the POWER HOUSE it truly is. It is a visual search engine that works through Keywords /SEO and it is not a social platform. This means it is an evergreen platform. Your content can live on indefinitely with the proper strategy and key words in place. Unlike other platforms where your content can disappear in less than 24 hours. 

Reason #2: Your Content Doesn’t Get the Same Exposure on Instagram and Facebook 

On Facebook and Instagram people are on there to see what’s going on with family, friends, colleagues, and pages they follow. If they aren’t following you, or you’re not paying for ads, it is highly unlikely they will see your content. 

With Pinterest however, they are on there looking for exactly what you have to offer. And they don’t even have to already know you. Keywords are doing the work for you! Pinners are looking to buy and/or use your services, and brand size does not influence their decision. This makes it a prime location to share your content. 

85% of Pinterest users use the site when they want to start a new project. 64% of Pinterest users described the platform as a place to find ideas, products or services they can trust. 

Reason #3: Pins Have the Longest Life of ANY Post on ANY Platform 

Countless entrepreneurs have built a thriving business on Instagram and Facebook. So don’t get me wrong! I’m not disputing that at all, because it totally works. I’m saying there is a less time consuming longer lasting way. The search engine allows people to find you with a minimum amount of time spent on it. 

Here is the ranking: Pinterest is 1st, Instagram 2nd, and Facebook comes in 3rd for the life of content. 

The half life of a pin is 3 1/2 MONTHS! Yep you read that right, 3 1/2 MONTHS! 

But that isn’t even taking into account that the pin lives FOREVER. Let’s say that again, FOREVER. Your beautiful pin lives an evergreen life on the platform! 

And although the half-life of a Instagram post is better, it’s still only 19 HOURS. 

The half life of a Facebook post is 30 minutes. 30 MINUTES, SERIOUSLY!! COME ON!! 

Both Facebook and Instagram have the draw back of the amount of time needed daily interacting to keep in front of clients/customers to keep ranking high enough in the algorithm to be visible. After all it is called “social media” for a reason! 

Reason #4: Pinterest Has Over 300 Million Users per Month and They Have Buying Power 

The statistics on Pinterest users are a business owner’s dream:

* 90% of those who turn to Pinterest before making a purchase say what they find on Pinterest influences their purchase. 

*Of those, 83% said they made a purchase because of what they found on Pinterest. 

*40% of pinners have a household income of $100k+, 39% have incomes above $75,000 a year, and another 34% have an income of $50,000+! 

Pinterest users have buying power and they are using it!! 

Reason #5: Having an Omnipresence is Key to Having a Well Balanced Marketing Strategy 

While we are all familiar with social media outages and accounts being shutdown, the only true way to have a balanced marketing strategy is to be on more than one platform. Ideally to be on 3-4. When you incorporate Pinterest in your marketing, you are extending your reach and building out evergreen content for people to find you for months and years to come. 

Reason #6: Growing Your Email List on Pinterest 

The only time we truly own our audience, is by having them on our email list. Pinterest is amazing at helping you build your email list quickly. It is very easy to use content you currently have or create new content for your marketing strategy for Pinterest. 

This can be done through organic or paid strategies. Organic will take more time to build up, and should be given 3-6 months to get good results. But with the proper seasonal strategy in place you will grow your list quick. 

For faster results you can ad in Promoted Pins (paid ads). With Promoted Pins you can very quickly grow your email list and increase clients or sales conversions. All with no worry about the platform shutting down and not being able to market to your audience. 

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