Do you struggle with how to keep up with Instagram Stories daily? How to find ideas and content for your Stories? Here’s the solution – check out the new feature in Instagram Stories. It’s so much fun!

Once you get into Stories, you can swipe along the bottom to do different kinds of Stories like Live, Create, Normal, Boomerang, etc. Check out the new options in Create. When on Create you can now swipe right about it and get all kinds of options to help you make a new Story.

Instagram Stories Buttons for text, connection, and story shares.

This first option with the Aa is the regular Create feature and you can type and add background colors like you’ve always been able to.

The heart option gives you different ways to connect with people. Is it someone’s birthday? Use the @ spot and tag them. Click the dice at the top and there’s more options on how to tag and connect with people in your Story.

The @ option shows you if you have any Story mentions from other people. Then you can share them in your own Story.

Instagram Stories Buttons for GIFs, memories, and templates.

The GIF option is awesome! Type in the search bar like you would in Facebook and choose a GIF to use as your Story background. Then click Next on the top and continue to create your Story. Love this!

The clock with an arrow option will show you memories from Instagram. Like 1 year ago today…. You can share these in your Stories.

The squares option gives you templates to use for Stories. Yes, templates! Where have these been all my life? Click the “see all’ button at the top and you’ll see even more options.

The pie option gives you poll ideas. Ask your audience to get more targeted information from them or just to have fun. Click the dice above and you’ll more poll ideas.

The purple question mark give you the “ask me a question” option. Create your own or click the dice and get ideas like “What song should I listen to?” or “Any hidden talents?”

The orange question mark shows you all the answers you get from the previous question mark option. You can then share your audience’s responses into a new Story.

Instagram Stories Buttons for countdown clock and fill in questions.

The timer option gives you the countdown clock. Now this is one I’ve hardly used but if you click the dice above it they give you some really fun ideas on how to use it.

The fill in option lets you ask a question and give A and B options that your audience can choose from. You can add more options if you want to as well. And surprise, surprise if you click the dice above you get lots of fun ideas!

Are you ready to try this out? Of course you are! Here’s one more tip to help you create: You’ll notice most of the backgrounds are all the same color, look for the color circle either on the bottom or top (depends on which option you are in) and click on it. You’ll get lots of color options!

Here’s a look at creating Instagram Stories in action with the new feature:

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