Whether you’re a personal brand, a product, or a service-based business,  you are posting online and you want your potential customers to recognize your brand!  The best way to do that is to keep your brand consistent so they can recognize your posts right away and know they are interested in reading more. Why is this so important? Well think about this statistic for a moment:

Presenting a brand consistently across all platforms can increase brand revenue by up to 23%!


When someone can recognize your brand consistently at just a glance, they are more likely to actually stop and read your post.

You only get a second or two in the scroll for someone to decide whether they want to stop and read it.  If your potential customers recognize your brand instantly and know they like what you are doing, then you have a better chance that they will stop and see what you have to say. Those are the people who are more likely to turn into customers. That alone can lead to more sales!

If you are posting for your own brand or managing someone else’s, you need to pay attention to these 5 key branding elements and keep them consistent between all platforms. Creating a simple brand that can be instantly recognized online is easier than you think. Even if you are design challenged, apps like Canva can make you look like a pro!

Here are the 5 steps you need to take to build a recognizable brand online:

Know Your Customer Persona

Customer personas are invaluable to target your marketing. They are fictional, generalized representations of your ideal customers. You can’t know every customer individually, but you can create a customer persona to generally represent your customers. Once you have an idea for this persona, it makes it easier to think of them as real people and understand how to reach them and therefore how to create content for them.

To build a customer persona you need to dig into your audiences, learn everything you can about them from small things like age, job, income, location to things like buyer behaviors, interests, and life stage.

Once you know everything about them, it’s time to create a persona. You can give them a name and list all the information you know about them to create your customer persona. Now you know who you are creating content for and how to attract them. It makes it so much easier to “speak” to your ideal customer through your content!

Choose Brand Colors

I would argue brand colors are the most important part of creating a recognizable brand. It is the first impression a potential customer sees online. It helps produce an identity for your business. Over time, consistent colors make your business/content more recognizable. 

It’s also important to remember colors convey emotions and feelings. Do some research on the psychology of color before you choose your brand colors. A simple google search will give you a ton of information. 

Choose Brand Fonts

Fonts can tell the mood of your brand – playful, traditional, modern, dramatic, happy, serious – they can all be displayed by your font choice! Text is also one of the biggest communication tools for your brand and fonts help you express your message. 

Consistency with fonts helps create the overall brand identity and it’s important to choose complimentary fonts that work with your brand. It’s best to have a bold font, thin font, and script so you have options for all types of graphics. 

Use A Simple Logo

A logo is a way for your brand to be recognized. No one else will have the same logo as you. It doesn’t need to be complicated though. If you’re just starting out, keep it simple and keep it inexpensive. You need just 3 key elements for your logo:

  • Use your brand colors and fonts.
  • Keep it clear and simple.
  • Make sure it’s versatile. Create it in your brand color(s) and black & white so you can use it anywhere online.

Think of Coca Cola or FedEx. Those logos are super simple and are recognized around the world! You can create a simple logo on your own using your brand elements.

Create A Brand Voice

Your brand voice is the personality of your business. The collection of words and signals your brand uses. It’s the attitude your brand conveys. Keep your voice and feel consistent across all platforms online. For example, if you are a cutting-edge brand, make sure all copy, pictures, and videos have a modern look and feel everywhere online. A consistent voice gives you wider recognition across different platforms online.

Are you ready to create a consistent brand?

Can you see how brand consistency helps attract your ideal followers but are still at a loss on how to do it? Maybe you are frustrated with design and don’t want to struggle with Canva? Whether you’re looking to DIY to save money or looking to create a brand to help your clients’ posts hit their mark more consistently, Your Beautifully Branded System can take you step by step through the process of creating a recognizable brand!

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Use my step-by-step system to put it all together and create a simple brand board checklist to make sure the content you create is consistent to your brand every time. 

This course includes:

Let’s Get Visual!

Choosing Colors

Finding Complimentary Fonts

Designing A Simple Logo

Attract Your People

Knowing Your Ideal Audience

Finding Your Voice

Glow Up Your Brand!

Brand Board For Online Content

Simple Style Guide

Go from messy, misaligned visuals that don’t represent your brand to beautiful consistent branded posts, stories, and reels that represent who you are. All done in Canva easily with no design skills necessary!

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