May is right around the corner… I’m definitely ready for longer, warmer days. Thinking about my summer business plan now so I can have more days on the beach!

Are you planning ahead for your summer content? I’ll be doing my next blog about just that so stay tuned!

We have some fun holidays to celebrate this month like National Creativity Day and Star Wars Day (may the 4th be with you!), as well as some traditional holidays like Mother’s Day and Memorial Day. 

Check out the entire May Social Media Holiday Calendar below for some creative ideas!

Not every holiday will be right for every business’s profile but you can pick and choose what works for your audience and get a few new content ideas to take the pressure off! Have fun with it and create some amazing content to give to your followers.

You’ll also find a researched Instagram hashtag for each holiday. I’ve chosen the hashtag so it will be a good fit for most profiles. I tried to keep the hashtags smaller for the most part so you won’t get lost in the crowd. 

At the time of publication, all the hashtags listed were good but keep in mind that Instagram can ban a hashtag at any time so make sure to test it before you use it by searching the hashtag on Instagram. If it shows up, it’s good. If you can’t find it, don’t use it. 

Below is the social media holiday calendar for May 2022. If you don’t want to wait each month to see the calendar, you can download the entire  2022 Social Media Holiday Calendar. 

Pro tip: Are you ready to really grow on Social Media? Now that everyone’s spirits are lifting for Spring, why not create some fun reels! Share your expertise on a more personal level, create some fun reels and let your followers know the creative face behind the business!

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If you don’t want to wait each month to see the calendar, you can download the entire 2022 Social Media Holiday Calendar.

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