Instagram stories have been around for years now and they should still be a big part of your Instagram content strategy. While they may not grow your account quickly like Reels, they are just as important. Stories are the best type of content to help you engage and get to know your followers. Stories can help build that know/like/trust factor that leads to more sales. If stories aren’t part of your daily or at least weekly Instagram strategy then start now!

Using Instagram stories regularly is the first step but how do you make them stand out so your audience will watch or how do you make stories something they want to engage with?  The following Instagram story hacks are going to teach you just that!

Instagram Story Hack 1: On Brand Stories

Ever wish you could make your stories look on brand without always having to make templates in Canva? This Instagram Story Hack shows you how to change your text colors to your brand colors easily so every story is recognizable as your brand!

Instagram Story Hack 2: Mute Stories

Engaging on Instagram stories is a great way to build a relationship online with those that you follow. Answering questions & polls, liking (yes that’s new!), and DMing authentic comments gets you seen and known. Scrolling stories can take a lot of time though, so it’s important to be strategic and make sure you are engaging with ideal clients. How can you do that? By muting stories you don’t want to see – a.k.a. Any stories that are not from your ideal client. Watch below to find out how.

Instagram Story Hack 3: Stories To Friends Only

Not only can you customize whose stories you see but you can choose who sees your stories too! Maybe you want to have a personal list to post stories to that you don’t want all followers to see. Or, like me, you may want a list of ideal clients only to see your story – I find when I send my stories to close friends only, more of them actually see it so I use this list as ideal clients. Either way, did you know you could do this with stories? Here’s how:

Instagram Story Hack 4: Customized Link In Stories

A few months back everyone was given the option of using a link in their stories. No more waiting till you had 10k followers – yay!  I find so many still don’t use it though or don’t use it correctly. You can link it to your blog, a product, your freebie – anything you want really. Often those links look messy and it’s not clear what it’s for right? Well no more, I will show you two ways to customize your links in Instagram stories!

Instagram Story Hack 5: Effects

Ever wonder how someone got that glitter effect in their story or that cool background? Chances are you will find it in Effects. I love trying out the Reels effects in stories but there are so many you can try. Not sure how to find them? Here’s my quick 1 minute tutorial:

Now that you have all these new story hacks to try out – you need some story ideas! Check out my latest Instagram post on story ideas. I give you 9 ideas you can steal and try today. Tag me in them so I can see all the cool story hacks you are using!

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