Welcome September! Even though we still have 4 months of 2022 left, September always feels like it brings a lot of new possibilities – a push to get the most we can out of 2022. How are you going to make an impact this month? Why not hold a masterclass or grow your email list with  a valuable freebie? You can talk about both on social media!

We have some fun holidays to celebrate this month like National Pancake Day and Read a Book Day, as well as some traditional holidays like Labor Day and the first day of fall. 

Check out the entire September Social Media Holiday Calendar below for some creative ideas!

Not every holiday will be right for every business’s profile but you can pick and choose what works for your audience and get a few new content ideas to take the pressure off! Have fun with it and create some amazing content to give to your followers.

You’ll also find a researched Instagram hashtag for each holiday. I’ve chosen the hashtag so it will be a good fit for most profiles. I tried to keep the hashtags smaller for the most part so you won’t get lost in the crowd. 

Below is the social media holiday calendar for September 2022. If you don’t want to wait each month to see the calendar, you can download the entire  2022 Social Media Holiday Calendar. 

Pro tip: Why not use Read a Book Day to share some of your top inspirational reads! Share books that changed your life, changed your mindset or a story that helped you transform your business. Inspire your followers with some amazing reading material! 

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If you don’t want to wait each month to see the calendar, you can download the entire 2022 Social Media Holiday Calendar.

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