There are so many March social media holidays to get your content ideas flowing!

Using these March social media holidays can be a fun and creative way to connect with your audience and promote your brand too. If you’re feeling stuck with your content, make sure you check out the March social media holidays calendar below.

There are social media holidays for just about any business. While I don’t recommend using them all, taking a few each month to create content around can give you a break from coming up with ideas. It can be a fun way to get your audience engaged too.

Here are some of the best March social media holidays to create engaging content around:

3/2 – World Book Day  – Share your favorite books and ask for recommendations. Tie it into your business by talking about industry related books. 

3/8 – International Women’s Day  – Share women that inspire you in your business or if you’re a women, share the story of how you started your business. Ask to hear others’ stories.

3/11 – National Worship of Tools Day – Depending on your business you can share physical tools that you use or if you’re an online business, talk about your favorite apps or electronics that help you get the job done. Ask others what they use. 

3/19 – National Let’s Laugh Day – If you use humor on your social media platforms, this day is for you!

3/20 – First Day of Spring – Most of us are excited to see the flowers blooming and the days getting longer. Share your thoughts about the Spring.

3/23 – National Puppy Day – Who doesn’t love puppies? If you have one, share cute pictures!

 March Social Media Holidays

When you decide on the March social media holidays you want to use, here are some ways to create content around them.

  1. Create themed posts: Create content centered around the social media holiday for that day. For example, on National Grammar Day, you could create a post and a story that shares some fun grammar tips or jokes. Maybe even consider going Live to talk about it!
  1. Run a giveaway or contest: Consider running a contest or giveaway that ties in with the March social media holidays. For example, on National Puppy Day, you could ask your audience to share photos of their puppies, and then select a winner at random to receive a prize.
  1. Create video content: Consider creating video content that highlights the March social media holidays in some way. For example, on National Worship of Tools Day,  you could create a video that shows how an app you use to run your business effectively works. Give a tutorial and ask what apps your audience couldn’t run their business without. 
  1. Partner with other businesses: Consider partnering with other businesses or organizations to create joint content that celebrates March social media holidays. For example, on International Women’s Day, you could collaborate with a local women’s organization to create content that celebrates women in your community.

Below you’ll find the March Social Media Holidays Calendar. 

Start planning your content around a few of these holidays. If you don’t want to wait each month to see the calendar, you can download the entire Social Media Holidays 2023 Calendar here. Remember to have fun and get creative with your content!

 March Social Media Holidays

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