Have you heard of SocialInfo? I heard about it recently from some of my other social media manager friends and I had to check it out. It’s fairly new and they are still building it up but I have to say that I’m impressed so far. Right now it has social media data for Instagram and Youtube with more to come.

I use Instagram daily and SocialInfo is awesome! You can track your day-to-day growth and check your competitor’s IG engagement rate! The competitor information is reason enough to check it out and that part is totally free!

I am on the paid version because using the hashtag researcher and viral finder has saved me tons of time. The hashtag researcher will tell you the average likes and comments for a hashtag so you know if it is one your account can compete in or not. For example, if you average 100 likes a post than you can not compete on a hashtag that averages 1,000 likes per post.

The viral finder is really cool too. You can see what posts have gone viral in your niche or on competitor accounts. Knowing this allows you to create similar content which in turn will be more likely to go viral or at least be more popular on your account.

I think the premium tools like hashtag researcher and viral finder are well worth the fee…. but at least try the free version and see what you think:  http://socialinfo.co?ref=loricaralis

Want me to run a free report on your Instagram profile and/or a competitor? Send me an email with the profile names and I will send you the report within 48 hours for free! LoriCaralis@gmail.com

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*Full disclaimer: This is an affiliate link so I get a small profit if you sign up for the paid version only. I have never done affiliates before, but I believe in this product so much I want to share it with my fans regardless if you decide to stay on the free plan.

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