Instagram’s new Mute feature gives you some control on over who does (or at least does not) show up in your news feed and stories. Similar to Facebook’s “unfollow”, the account will not be notified, and you can still be “friends” with them on the platform giving you the option to go to their profile and still see their posts even if they are a private profile.

For business profiles there are pros and cons to this new feature. One of the benefits is someone can mute you instead of unfollow you so you don’t lose followers. The problem with that though is if someone chooses to “mute” you, they will never see your posts and engage with them. How valuable is that kind of follower? Not very valuable in my opinion and you’ll never know who mutes you.

On the flip side, as a business, you can mute profiles you don’t want to engage with and leave only profiles where engagement can help your business, making your feed much easier to engage with and much more valuable after clearing out all the clutter.

So how do you know if this new feature is rolled out to you? Look at any post and click the 3 dots at the top of the picture. If you have it, you will see Mute as an option here. You can also go into any profile and find some refined Mute options too.

It has not been rolled out to my account yet but I am looking forward to cleaning up my newsfeed. It will also keep me on my toes in creating valuable content so hopefully no one decides to mute me! What do you think about the new Mute feature? Do you have it on your IG account yet?


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