So you finally realized your ideal clients are hanging out on Pinterest collecting pins. Now you’ve hopped on and starting pinning your own content in hopes they will see it and save it. Great job! But did you know you can use hashtags to get your pins seen even more? Aren’t hashtags just for Instagram and Twitter? I used to answer that with a yes but now that hashtags have taken off on Pinterest, you can really increase the reach your pins if you use the right hashtags. So how do you do that? Where do you even put a hashtag? Here’s my simple steps to using hashtags on Pinterest:

  1. Hashtags go in the pin description. They do not work anywhere else. Use # and the keyword just like on other social media. Do not only use hashtags in the description. Be sure to describe your pin as usual and then add a hashtags.
  2. Don’t use only broad hashtags. Type the hashtag into the search bar and see related tags. For example, if you put #fitness in the search bar it will give you a few other options to use too.
  3. Use at least 4 hashtags after your description (using them in the beginning may lead to people clicking away before they finish reading.). Use no more than 20 hashtags per pin.
  4. You can change or add hashtags later in the Edit Pin section.
  5. Keywords are still important on Pinterest so still use keywords in your descriptions.

Other than hashtags about your product/service or industry, you can use hahstags that are location based, timely hashtags like #backtoschool, evergreen hahstags like #businesslife, and call to action hahstags like #pinitforlater.

Ready to get your hashtag strategy on and have more potential customers looking at your pins? Use these 5 tips and you’ll be well on your way!

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