You may be creating great content for your Facebook Business Page and posting consistently but keeping on top of what is resonating with your audience can help you grow your page and increase engagement. Knowing how to use Facebook Insights can be invaluable in improving your Facebook marketing strategy but there is so much information it can get overwhelming and hard to pick out what is important. So here are some highlights on my favorite insights you can find:

(I am using desktop to look at my Facebook Insights. You have more options there than on mobile.)

Post Section:

  • When Your Fans Are Online. This is one of the most useful insights. Use this to find the best times and days to post. The more fans that are online, the more likely your post will be seen and get engagement in that all important algorithm metric of the first 15-30 minutes!
  • Post Types. I believe a variety of post types is the best strategy for most businesses. That said, this insight will tell you which post types get the most reach and engagement. If videos far surpass any other post type and you only do 1 video a month, then it’s time to up your video game and post more videos. You can use this as a guide but in no means should you only post one type.
  • All Posts Published. This is a great place to see how your most recent posts have done. Scroll down the reach and engagement stats to see which posts are performing the best. Use these to create new posts/ideas that will engage your audience.

People Section:

  • Your Fans/Followers. These two sections are about the same. Here you will find the breakdown of your audiences’ gender, geographical location, and language. This can be invaluable information when planning content and strategies.
  • People Reached. This will give you demographic information on who is seeing your posts. Even if you have a large audience in the United States, maybe the audience seeing more of your posts is in Canada. This can give you more insights when creating strategies.

You could spend days analyzing all the data in Facebook Insights but if you don’t have that kind of time (who does?), checking out these 5 insights every month or two will give you the information you need to create engaging content for your audience!

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