When on the go, there are certain apps I could not live without as a Social Media Manager! I have all of these on my phone and use them often and they don’t cost me a penny (except I do pay for the $10/month Canva upgrade but you don’t have to). They help make my life easier and I hope you will find them useful too!

1. Canva – This is my all time favorite. While I design most of my social media graphics using Canva on my desktop, the app is great when you need to design something quickly and post when you only have your phone. The app even has templates which makes it super easy to create on the road. It even still has free stock photos right in the app to use!

2. Adobe Spark – This one is similar to Canva. Great for creating social media graphics on the go. While my heart is with Canva, many people swear by Adobe Spark so I think it’s just a personal thing. Try them both and see which one you like better.

3. Splice – If you are trying to record a video on an iPhone and upload to Instagram, you’ll notice you lost your sound right? I have no idea why this happens but it does to everyone I know! Splice saves my life here. Quickly upload your video from your phone into the Splice app. Download it and it’s ready to post. 2 minutes and done.

4. Feedly – Looking for content ideas? What can you post about? Feedly can help! The app lets you put in topics you are interested in (for me it’s social media, small business, and marketing) and it will pull up the latest trending articles for each topic. You can post a link on your social media or use it as an idea guide on what’s trending and create content about it. This has cut my internet searches in half when looking for trending content.

5. Google Drive – If you don’t use this to organize your social media stuff than start now! I make most of my social media graphics ahead of time and save them by date in my drive. Then just download on your phone and post! It also great to keep a content calendar in google sheets so you can see what you plan to post from anywhere and I love google docs to store my post copy ideas.

6. Boomerang – Have you tried this one yet? So. Much. Fun! Boomerang creates those cute 4 second videos and then plays them on a loop. I particularly love them for pets and kids but really you can make so many fun things with it. Just record and upload to your social media. So easy!

7. WordPress – While this isn’t technically social media, if you run your website through WordPress and send your online visitors there from your social media, their app is fabulous! Not only is it great to fix minor mistakes or make changes when you don’t have your computer, but you can get your analytics on it too! You can see where your traffic is coming from and if that recent social media post is send any traffic to your site. Lots of great information!

8. Facebook Ads – If you run Facebook Ads, do you have the app? Most people don’t realize there is one! If you are one of those people, download it now. I still suggest setting up all your ads through Business Manager on desktop, but once they are running the Facebook Ads app is amazing. You can easily check to see how your ads are running. Is one doing way better than another? Then you can shut the poor performing down with a tap and add more money to the best performing ad. If you are like me and constantly checking to see how your ads are performing, this app makes it so much easier!

9. Facebook Pages – Yes, Pages has their own app. While you can look at your Facebook Page on your regular Facebook app, the Facebook Pages app makes it easier. It separates all your business page related notifications and messages to one place so you can be sure you don’t miss any.

Did I miss any? Are there any social media apps that make your life easier that I didn’t mention? Let me know!

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