Social media is meant to be social and Instagram is the most social of them all. Spending time engaging with other profiles can really make a difference in your own profile’s growth and engagement rate. Spend 15 minutes before and after your post hits to get the maximum benefit because this is the best time to get more engagement back! And if you don’t already know, it is so much easier to do on a phone than your desktop. 

Here’s how I engage on Instagram for myself and my clients and how it can help you grow your Instagram account.

1. Engage on profiles that you follow. Start off in your profile and click the house at the bottom to go to your screen to get to the newsfeed. Your newsfeed should be intentional and filled with people who are your ideal clients. So when you scroll you are automatically engaging with ideal clients in your target audience. This is why it is important to not only follow friends and family on Instagram. In fact, I don’t follow my friends or family at all from my business account. To get engagement back, don’t just go through and hit like, but leave some real comments. Keep your comments positive and try to always use at least four or more words because Instagram rewards that but remember emojis don’t count as words!

2. Go to your competitors’ profiles and chances are they have followers that would also be interested in you and what the products or services you provide. You can leave nice comments and like their posts to be seen by their followers. Also see who’s commenting on your competitors’ posts and go to their profiles and comment on their posts – you already know they are interested in what you do!

3. This is the most important tip! Go back to your own content. Pick a post. Ideally today’s post but you can do another one. Then click on it and see which hashtags that you used. Pick the top 5 or 6 hashtags that you feel are the most relevant. If you are a local business only, using location hashtags for this is great. Online businesses can use just about any of their hashtags. Now engage on the other posts using those hashtags by liking them AND leaving authentic comments. Even checking out their stories and DMing about their stories is a great way to start relationships. I typically engage on the 5 “top” posts and then 5-10 “recent” posts for each hashtag. Top posts are great because they already have a lot of engagement but they are often older posts. The great thing about recent posts is you know that profile was active today and you are more likely to get their attention and get some engagement back on your profile.

Engaging like this on Instagram for 15 minutes before your post hits and then another 15 minutes after your post really makes a huge huge difference in the engagement you get back and the growth of your profile. Also while you’re engaging, if you find someone interesting or someone that might be an ideal client, follow them! You are more likely to get a follow back when you are liking and leaving real comments on their profile. 

Give this engagement strategy a try and let me know how it works for you!

Here’s a demo to show you how it all works!

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