Creating content and posting on social media during the holidays can get frustrating.  You can only post the picture of your adorable pug with your signature product so many times right? Use these 21 simple holiday content ideas to fuel your social media for the rest of 2019!

1. One of your social media goals is probably to engage your audience in a conversation. There’s no better time to do that then during the holidays. Ask them questions about what they do for the holidays and how they spend it. Some things you can ask about:

  • Holiday tips
  • Black Friday: Yay or Nay?
  • Holiday jokes
  • Favorite holiday recipes
  • What holiday tradition they love to do with their family
  • Best holiday movie 
  • All-time best holiday song
  • Worst holiday present they’ve ever received.

2. Creating a poll on Facebook or Instagram Stories can get your audience engaged too and be so much fun!  Ask about holiday decorations, favorite holiday food, do a “this or that” post. The possibilities are endless!

3. Share your warm and cozy holiday pictures. Have a cute picture of your furbaby cuddle up next to the decorate fireplace? Maybe one of your toddlers hanging an ornament? Share those moments with your audience. They like to see that you are a real person like them. Multiple photos on one post do particularly well on Facebook so don’t be shy about posting multiple if you have them. 

4. Have a Spotify Holiday playlist you just can’t listen to enough? Share it! Ask your audience for their opinion or if they would add any other songs to it. Start a conversation!

5. Does your audience post about the holidays? Share it! Sharing on your Facebook Business page or your Instagram Stories so they get credit too is a great way to curate content and start a relationship with that follower!

6. Giveaways are always a hit but there’s no better time than the holidays to treat your audience! Give away a popular item from your product collection, an hour or two of your services, or if you are local – a gift basket from local merchants! They can enter by answering a holiday-related poll, quiz or by creating user-generated content with a branded hashtag.  Make sure to collect emails for entries or to connect with each one on messenger so you can follow up later and add them to your list!

7. If you don’t have products or services to give away, create a freebie! A checklist, e-guide, mini-course, or any kind of download works well. Offer it in exchange for an email address and build your list at the same time!

8. Creating wish lists or gift guides is also a fun way to interact with your audience. A list for the mom trying to juggle it all, your favorite toys for a busy toddler, or gifts for the person who already has everything. Keep your audience in mind when creating these wish lists. Make sure it’s items they would need or would be good for someone they are shopping for. Helping your audience come up with gift ideas is usually appreciated. Ask them what they might add to your wish-list too. Make sure to include 1 or 2 of your products in it and even partner up with other businesses to include their products so you can all promote each other on social media!

9. A different spin on a wish list is to review the best holiday products and gifts. It’s hard to review your own products but you can review some items that your audience might consider buying for themselves or others this holiday season. Give them a “best of” list. Let your audience know about the things they will be buying this year and give them your opinion on it. Reviews tend to get some great engagement. 

10. On the same idea, have a holiday themed Pinterest board that you love? Share it on social media and talk about why you put it together and how you use it. Ask for feedback on it. 

11. Everyone loves a great holiday recipe! Even if you aren’t in the food industry you can share your favorite holiday recipe (if it’s not yours personally make sure to give credit to where you got it). Make it personal by sharing a story behind it like when you make it, how it’s become a tradition in your family, etc. Let your audience get to know you a little through your recipe. If you love holiday cooking, consider creating a holiday recipe calendar and give it away as a free download!

12. DIY videos and tutorials are always huge but make this one holiday themed! Are you great at making holiday decorations? Maybe you can wrap a gift like no one else? Do a tutorial on it and share it! 

13. If you have special deals on your products or services for the holiday season, promote it! Make sure the get it out 1-2 times a week and talk about why it’s such an incredible deal. Let them know when the deal is ending too! Want to do a limited time deal? Offer it on a Live and when it’s over, it’s gone!

14. Do a holiday themed “’Caption This!” photo. These do really well on their own or in a contest. A child visiting Santa, someone opening an unexpected gift, there are tons of options. Many probably in your own camera!

15. Holiday hacks and tips. Share them with your audience or ask them for their own. 

16. Change up your images to be holiday themed! Add some holiday spirit to your cover photos, landing pages, logos, etc.

17. Does your business help with a cause that is personal to you during the holiday season? Share it! Talk about why it is important to you and how you and/or your employees help out. Tell your audience how they can get involved too. 

18. Behind the scenes are always fun but holiday ones are really engaging! Show how your office decorates for the holidays. Working on a special holiday project or cause? Highlight how it works in your office. Can’t decide on what to give as a holiday gift? Poll your audience. There are so many ways to do this. 

19. Having a local holiday event? Share some of it on a Live, talk about the event or cause and show what is going on. Ask for some feedback on how to do something for it. 

20. The “Looking Forward to 2020” posts start this time of year. Share where you think your industry is going in the new year. What trends do you see for 2020?

21. Do a “Thank you” post. Thank your audience for being with you this year and talk about what it means to you. Throw in some ideas of what they can expect to see from you in 2020. Ask them what they would like to see from you too. 

Try some of these holiday content ideas and let me know how they work for you! Here’s a few more details about my top 3 favorite holiday content ideas here:

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