Anyone on Instagram knows that Stories are hot and they should be doing them but… it’s tough to be inspired day in and day out to do a Story right? So what do you do on those days you just don’t know what to post about? Try one of these easy Stories that take 5 minutes or less to create!

  1. Share other people’s Instagram posts to your Stories. This is one of my favorites! Not only is it super easy but it’s an amazing way to get more attention while building relationships on Instagram. Who doesn’t love to get that Instagram notification that your post was shared by someone? We all do! That means someone loved our content enough to share it with their audience. Don’t just stop there though, when you share someone’s post to your Stories, send them a quick DM telling them why you loved that content so much. It’s a great way to start a relationship with someone you may want to work with in the future. 
  1. Ask a question of your audience, share their responses and tag them. Consider this market research. What to know which color of your new product is more popular? Ask your audience. Post a picture of both in Stories and use the Questions option to ask. When someone answers, share their answer in a new story and tag them. This starts a relationship and they may even share your Story too! Go a step further and offer a promotion on the winning item. DM each person that chose that item with the promotion!
  1. Do a poll. More free market research! Find out what your audience wants. I could ask my audience if they want to see more tips about Instagram Stories or Instagram TV. Then I know which content to create that will likely get more engagement! If you’re a coach, you could ask if they are more likely to work with a coach one-on-one or join a group coaching program. The design an offer off of the winning one. 
  1. Behind the scenes. Share a day in your life. You may think it’s boring but often your audience won’t! Share a shot of your desk or you while working. Share where you’re going to a meeting. Have an amazing looking lunch? Share it! Stories is a great place to share a little bit of you.
  1. Host a giveaway. Give away a product or service. Post about it in the newsfeed and share that post in your stories! Then you can take some photos and create 2-3 more Stories talking about why this product/service would be so great to win. Have other profiles share. Ask other business to give your giveaway a shoutout in their Stories too. 
  1. Share your family, friends, and/or furbabies. Continuing the theme of sharing a little bit about yourself. Share pictures of you with those you love. Instagram is a very social platform and people want to get to know you and see the person behind the business.  A quick casual shot is authentic and helps you connect with your audience. 
  1. Shout out another business that you love. This works great with other businesses that you frequently partner with. For example, a wedding photographer could shout out a florist or hair stylist they work with often. This gives that business some visibility with your audience and often they will share your Story on their own profile which gives you visibility to theirs. When you work with a business that has a similar audience but you are not in direct competition with, this works amazingly well! 
  1. Share a quote from one of your own blogs. If you blog, or podcast, you have so much content that you probably aren’t using! Pull out quotes, tips, advice from that blog or podcast and create quote graphics from it. Or post a photo and talk about it instead.
  1. Share a previous video that you recorded. If you’re stuck for content, go through your phone! We all snap pics and take photos all the time and they just sit in our phone. We forget about them! Go through that content bank of gold on your own phone and post a great photo or video you already have. 

Now when you’re stuck on what to post on Instagram Stories,  you have this easy list to fall back on. I’d love to hear from you. Try a few out and let me know which work best for you!

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