Is your head spinning from constantly hearing advice about which social media platform is the best for your business?

“Every business needs to be on Facebook.” 

“Instagram, (or is it Pinterest?),  is the best place to sell your products.”

“All B2Bs need to be on Linked In.” 

“Tik Tok is the new up and coming social platform, get on it now!” 

“Twitter is making a comeback and you HAVE to be tweeting about your business.”

There are so many places in the social media world for your business to be that it can be overwhelming! Does your business really need to be everywhere in 2020?

The simple answer is no. Larger brands and businesses benefit most from being everywhere but typically have a budget to hire a team for that. Most entrepreneurs and small to medium sized businesses do not need to be on every platform. In fact, even if you had the time and expertise to be on all social media platforms, I would argue it’s probably not worth the time and energy. Most entrepreneurs and business can benefit from being on 2-3 platforms total. 

Ok, so that made you feel a little better right? 2-3 sounds a lot better than 6 or more! Then it becomes time to decide which 2-3 to be on, how do you choose? Before your head starts spinning again, let me help you break down the best social media platforms for your business to be on. It’s not a one size fits all plan but if you know who your target audience is, then you can easily figure out what social media platforms you should be on. If you haven’t figured out who your target audience is yet then start here. 

Once you have your target audience in mind, you need to find the 2-3 social media platforms they hang out on most and get visible there. Here’s a breakdown on who hangs out where in the social media world:


Facebook has the largest audience as well as the most diverse. Most small businesses can benefit from being on Facebook. With 2.27 billion monthly active users (1.5 billion of them are daily users) and all age groups and stages of life represented well here, this is usually a great place to start for any business.


With 1 billion users, Instagram is a great second for many small businesses. Their audience is global too but is skewed slightly more towards women and the majority of users are under 50 years old. This platform is very visual compared to others so it can be a great place to showcase a beautiful visual brand. 


Twitter is one of the few social media platforms where there are as many men as women. If you have a sports related business, Twitter can be a great fit. Lots of nonprofits, government organizations, and local community based services do well here too. This is also a platform widely used for social customer service so make sure you are on daily to answer any customer service issues that may be posted by your customers. 


Pinterest’s power for small businesses is often underestimated. The only social media platform that is really more of a search engine, Pinterest can be incredible to send traffic to your website. It has 250 million monthly active users and over 175 billion items pinned.  The buying power of Pinterest users is unmatched too. If you have a blog, product-based business, or lifestyle brand, Pinterest because may be a great place to find your target audience.


LinkedIn is the largest platform for professionals and B2B with over 590 million registered users. Ages 18-64 are equally represented here and all genders as well. You can search for your target audience across industries and by job level. If you are looking to reach someone in the professional space or sell B2B, LinkedIn is worth looking at.


Tik Tok had been seen as a kids’ platform up until recently. While the demographics are still young (66% of users are younger than 30 years old), the organic reach and visibility on the platform is second to none. If your demographic is younger and your brand lends itself well to video, this is an up and coming platform to consider. 


YouTube boasts 2 billion monthly active users, that’s almost half of the world’s 4.4 billion internet users! It’s second only to Facebook in active users. In the US, YouTube is the most popular app with the younger demographics up to age 34 and then comes in second to Facebook for those 35+. Men and women are represented equally on YouTube as well. This is a great platform to reach all ages and genders if your content is video oriented. 

Now that you know where your target audience hangs out, you can choose 2-3 platforms to focus on and grow. Which social media platforms will you be focusing on in 2020? Drop a comment and let me know!

Still not sure where to focus? Send me an email with your business and target audience information and I can give you an idea of where you can find them.

Stats from Sprout Social, Media Kix, and Business of Apps.

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