I am not a huge fan of third party posting. Although no one knows for sure, there has been speculation that some platforms, especially Facebook, penalize third party posts and don’t show them to as many of your followers. With the algorithm already showing so few of your business posts to followers, why take a chance when you can schedule it in Facebook itself?

For that reason I only tested this for Instagram. Instagram does not allow you, or a third party, to schedule posts at all. Being a social media consultant who is posting 7 days a week, I can not possibly spend 30 minutes or more per account posting every day. I need to plan out posts ahead of time so they are always ready to go wherever I am.

Loomly allows you to upload the photo, write the text (using emojis and hashtags if you want) and stores it on their site. You set a notification time and Loomly will notify you to post it on your Instagram account. Press the publish button in Loomly and everything is copied so all you need to do is go through the posting process on Instagram. The photo is automatically there and then you just paste the text in and share.


-Creating and Planning Instagram Posts is super easy. You can see exactly what your post will look like when live.

-Benefit of previewing the Instagram grid and how your new post will look in the layout.

-Notification to post is easy and takes less than a minute from notification to post being live.

-Calendar layout let’s you see what you are doing any day.


-With the solo $15/month plan there is no way to export your data to show to clients. You must go up to the $45/month plan to do that. It is so much more expensive because you can have up to 5 users which a small business like mine does not need. I wish there was a plan in between where I could just add the export feature for a few dollars more.

Overall, the con here is a big one for me. I was able to do some fancy copy and pasting to send it to my client for approval but I would be happy to pay a little more a month (not $30 more!) to have the export feature. For now, it is the best Instagram post planner I have tried and I will continue to use. I would give it a B.

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