5 Steps To An Engaging Instagram Profile

One of the things I am hired for is auditing a business’s social media accounts. Often I see their Instagram bio with only their name and website. That is it! Nothing else. Your profile is one of your biggest pieces of real estate on Instagram. It is one of the ways someone decides to follow you or not. Give them a reason to hit that follow button! Here are my 5 steps to an engaging Instagram profile:

  1. You profile picture should be a picture of you not your logo. Although some larger brands can get away with that, most businesses can not. People want to engage with YOU, a real person. So find a good picture or have one taken and use it as your profile picture.
  2. Your name. Include your business name here but if your business name doesn’t make it obvious what you do, then add a keyword or two. For Example, my business is social media marketing but my business name is Lori Caralis Consulting. My username is still @loricaralisconsulting but my Name on my Instagram profile is Lori Caralis, Social Media. This can help people find you better.
  3. Your bio section should start off with what you are or what your business does in as little words as possible. Think about what someone would be searching for when looking for a business like yours. Use those words in a short description. For example, mine uses social media, branding, and business consultant.
  4. The second part of your bio can be something personal about you if you are an entrepreneur or if you are a small business maybe something different you do that your competitors don’t. Whichever you choose, include where you are located. For example, since I’m an entrepreneur, mine says Boston mama to 2 kids and 2 fur babies. If I were a larger company I may say something like, Red Sox loving team of social media mavens.
  5. The last part of your bio should be an offer or reason to go to your website that is listed at the end. Free ebook, latest tips, new promotion, etc. Your website does not need to necessarily be your general website, it can be a page to go directly to your offer. Use a link most likely to get you sales or collect potential client information.

Do these 5 steps and you will have an Instagram profile that should convert more profile stalkers into followers! And for fun, feel free to add a 🤪❤️ few emojis 🌸😎 where appropriate to break up all the text.

Have any questions? Feel free to reach out to me: LoriCaralis@gmail.com

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