With Facebook Business page reach declining and Facebook Ad rates increasing, many businesses are turning to Facebook Groups to reach their target audience organically. What are the best ways to use Facebook Groups for your business?

  1. Use groups to engage with your audience as the person behind your business. People want to connect with people not a business entity.
  2. Build trust by offering advice in your area of expertise. This can also establish you (and your business) as the expert in your field.
  3. Build a community that is the target audience for your product or service. Use this group to gain customer insight. Ask them a question about what they love about your industry or create a poll to find out what they need. Then use this information to create better products or services.
  4. Pin a call to action at the top of the group for everyone to see. Something like an invite to join your email list or a link to a landing page for your current promotion work well.

Using a Facebook Groups as a community page for discussions has many benefits for a business and puts you in front of your audience more often than a Facebook Page can. Another bonus of a group is notifications. No one gets notified when you post on your business page. When you post in your group, Facebook picks highlights and notifies everyone in the group. It’s not every single post but it’s better than nothing like your page.

Facebook Pages are still necessary for any business to navigate the social media world but adding a Facebook Group to engage your ideal audience can build trust, establish your business as an expert, and bring more potential customers to your business.

Have any questions? Feel free to reach out to me: LoriCaralis@gmail.com

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