1. You forgot social media existed. Let’s just get this one out of the way first. Setting up a social media profile does not mean you are “on” social media. It’s 2018, and 90% of Americans have social media accounts. No matter your industry, your customer is on social media.  You need to be seen to be competitive. This means posting on a regular basis. Just having an account with posts from 2 years ago doesn’t count. No one will notice you.
  2. Not following and engaging with other accounts. Social media is not a one-way street. Engage with other accounts by sharing their posts, commenting on their content, and maybe even teaming up to do a take over on each other’s accounts to reach new audiences.
  3. Trying to be on every single social media platform.  I get it. Doing #1 and #2 above are hard and time consuming. If you just can’t keep up than don’t try to be everywhere. Pick 1 or 2 platforms that are most likely to have your target audience and do them well. You are better off killing it on Facebook and Pinterest if that’s where your audience hangs out than doing a terrible job trying to keep up with Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, AND Twitter.
  4. Only posting to promote your business. This gets boring and people will unfollow you. They don’t want to hear about how awesome your product is over and over or some obscure industry award you won 3 years ago.  Only 20% of your posts should be used to promote your business. Save only the best promotions or products to talk about. 80% should be to Entertain, Educate, or Engage your audience. Not sure who that is? Read on to #5.
  5. Failing to identify your target audience. If you don’t know who you are speaking to than you can’t engage your audience. What are the demographics of the people who buy from you the most? What things are your typical customers interested in? You can also use the insights/analytics that most social media platforms have, to figure out who is following you. Then gear posts around what would entertain, educate (about your industry), or engage them.

With these 5 mistakes cleared up, you are ready to rock the social media world for your business! Have any questions? Feel free to reach out to me: LoriCaralis@gmail.com

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