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Where Does Your Ideal Audience Hang Out?

In the final part of my blog series on targeting your ideal audience, we are talking about where your target audience hangs out on social media. Now that you have a customer persona and know what great content will catch their attention, where do you post it? If you missed the first two blogs, make sure you catch up and read them first:

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Now let’s find out where your target audience hangs out. Here’s a break down by each major platform:


Facebook has the largest audience as well as the most diverse. Most small businesses can benefit from being on Facebook. With 2.4 billion users all over the world and all age groups and stages of life represented well here, this is usually a great place to start for any customer persona.


With over 1 billion users, Instagram is a great second for many small businesses. Their audience is global too and while it’s audience is still slightly skewed towards women, men are major players on Instagram too. The majority of users are under 50 years old. Instagram can be a good place to reach Generation Z, Millenials, and young Gen Xers.


Twitter is the only social media platform where there are as many men as women. If you have a sports related business, Twitter can be a great fit. Lots of nonprofits, government organizations, and local community based services do well here too.


Pinterest’s power for small businesses is often underestimated. It’s users tend to be more women than men and the age range is large with 18-49 year olds having the most users. The only social media platform that is really more of a search engine, Pinterest can be incredible to send traffic to your website. The buying power of Pinterest users is unmatched too. If you have a blog, product-based business, or lifestyle brand, you should check out Pinterest because it may be a great place to fine your ideal customer.


LinkedIn is the largest platform for professionals. It usage among men and women is similar and it’s largest age range is 25-49 years old. You can search for your target audience across industries and by job level. If you are looking to reach someone in the professional space or sell B2B, LinkedIn is worth looking at.

Now that you know who your ideal target audience is, how to create content to attract your target audience, and where to find your target audience on social media, you can start attracting the right followers and make some great online relationships with potential new customers.

Updated April 2020. Check out Social Sprouts statistics to get all the demographic information for each platform.

Lastly, don’t forget to engage with these new followers on each social media platform you use. You can’t just drop a post and expect it to work like magic. The key is to engage with everyone who engages with your content and start to form relationships. Always keep in mind that social media is meant to be social!

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