This is part 2 of my 3 part blog series on how to target your ideal client on social media. If you haven’t read part 1, go do that first!

Now that you know why it’s important to create content for your ideal client, that you should build a customer persona to help you identify with them, and you have taken a deep dive into your current audience to get to know them a little better, what do you do? Now’s the time to build that customer persona so you know who they are.

Step 1 – Getting to know your ideal client

Answer these questions to get to know your ideal client. Remember this is your dream client. The perfect scenario. Answer with that in mind.

What industries do they work in?

What level of seniority do they have at their job (VP, middle management, entrepreneur, etc.)?

What books or blogs do they read?

Who do they follow on social media?

Are they internet savvy?

Where do they live?

What level of education did they complete? What type of schools did they attend?

Are they male or female?

What do they do with their free time?

What are their everyday pain points?

Which pain points can YOU help them solve?

What does a day in their life look like?

Why do they love your product/service?

How do they feel when they interact with your product/service online?

What are the most common objectives they have to your product/service?

What life stage are they at (student, single, married, parent, caring for aging parents, etc.)?

What do they love? the outdoors? animals? the latest technology? Right down anything that comes to mind.

What type of things do they like to buy?

Step 2 – Visual your ideal client

Now that you have this person in mind, go to a stock photo site like Unsplash or Pexels and download a picture of a person that they may look like. Give them a name. Personalize them. Get to know them. It may sound silly, but it really helps. Download the free template here.

Step 3 – Time To Target Your Ideal Client On Social Media

Now complete the customer persona template and refer to it when you are creating content. This template is a place for you to outline your customer’s personality, write down their needs, and create content ideas around those needs.

Now you know who your current audience is and who your ideal client is (these two may be the same or different). You also know how to target that ideal client on social media with content that is irresistible to them. Next week, in the final part of this blog series, we’ll talk about where to find them on social media. What platforms they hang out on and where your great content is likely to be seen by your ideal customer.

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