These social media tips for businesses will be key to your marketing strategy for 2023! I’ve compiled a list of all my best social media tips that I know will help your business grow in the new year. Afterward, you’re going to feel like a social media pro for your business!

Social Media Tips For Businesses: Your Ideal Client

Know Your Ideal Client

This is my biggest social media tip for businesses! The first thing to remember, even before you start making content, is to figure out who your ideal client is. AKA, who you want to attract with your content. If you don’t know who you are making it for, then it won’t attract the right people. To target your ideal client, create a customer persona – learn how in my blog and get the free template!

Know Where Your Ideal Client Hangs Out

While initially it may sound like a great idea to post your social media content everywhere – it’s a lot and most business owners get overwhelmed trying to keep up. The best social media tip for business I can give here is: Don’t do it! In this case, less can be more. Identify 1-3 social media platforms where your ideal client spends the most time. Concentrate on making great content and building relations on those platforms only. Going all in on one social media platform where your ideal client hangs out will get you more results than sprinkling your content everywhere but with no focus. Check out where you ideal client hangs out on social media for more details.

Tiny Audiences Are Valuable

Contrary to popular belief, you do NOT need thousands of followers to succeed on social media. Often, a smaller audience can be much more engaged and connected than a larger one. Quality over quantity, right? 400 followers that are your ideal clients, that are actually interested in your product/service are much more valuable than 10K followers that will never buy from you or even take an interest in the value that you are posting. So don’t play the numbers game when it comes to followers. Concentrate on getting the RIGHT followers no a lot of followers.

Social Media Tip For Businesses: Getting Your Ideal Client’s Attention

Update your bio and links  

If your social media bio isn’t making your ideal client click follow, then it’s time to give it a makeover. Make your bio about your ideal client, not you. Yes, I know that may sound weird but even though it’s your profile, it’s not all about you here if you want someone to hit that follow button. People want to know what’s in it for them so tell them! For example, the best way to attract your ideal client is to talk about the transformation your product/service takes them on. In other words, how you or your product takes them from Point A (where they are now) to Point B (where they want to be). Make sure to add in a hook too. What will make them hit follow or click your link? Make sure to call that out!

Lead Magnet

Most people aren’t ready to buy from one or two social media posts, especially if you have a high ticket offer. It often takes many points of contact and nurturing to turn them into a client. Social media is a great place for your ideal client to discover you. Email is an excellent place for you to nurture and sell to them. Create a lead magnet and use that link on your social media to build your email list. Then make sure to send out regular emails to your list.

Social Media Tip For Businesses: Get Organized!

Create A Routine

Undeniably, having a strategy and creating a routine around it gets more results in your business. Subsequently the same is true for your business’s social media. Plan topics, set aside time to create content, and schedule time for engagement, DMs and community management. Use my social media content calendar template to make it easier!

Apps I Use For Content

Canva – I love this app! I edit photos, find stock photos, create graphics/slide, edit reels, and anything else you can imagine in Canva. It’s super user friendly and while I pay for the Pro version, even the free version is amazing. Try Canva for free!

Google Voice Typing– Have you ever heard the advice “Write social media content like you are talking to a friend”? While creating a story that draws your ideal client in can often be easy to tell, it’s not always easy to write. I love to take voice notes on my phone when I’m inspired. Then I use Google Voice Typing right in my Google Doc to transcribe it. From there I do a few edits and then it’s ready to copy/paste into my social media post.

Meta Scheduler – This built in scheduler is a time saver. I use it on desktop to schedule all my Facebook and Instagram posts. It even lets you schedule some to Facebook Groups. This lets me batch my content and keeps pumping content out on a regular basis.

Instagram – Forget those fancy hashtag apps. My favorite tool to research hashtags is Instagram itself! I check out the hashtag size, look at the type of content that gets top rankings there, and get new hashtag ideas by seeing what other people are using for hashtags with that content. It’s powerful and free! See How To Find The Right Hashtags to learn more.

Apps I use For Organization

Asana – While I started using Google Sheets for my content calendars, I have graduated to using Asana and it is amazing. I still can’t believe I do all that I do with it and I’m on the free version! I can put everything in each day as a board, color code it for each social media platform, create tasks that need to be done for each post, and then click calendar view to see it all laid out like a social media calendar. I also use Asana to organize my entire business, not just my social media.

Google Calendar – While creating great content is key for a success social media strategy, making sure you engage and reply to comments/DMs is just as important. I put a daily reminder in my calendar to alert me n my phone when it’s time to check in on my social media accounts. It keeps me on track.

Social Media Tip For Businesses: Your Content

Repurpose Content

This social media tip for businesses is going to be a game changer! You can start by looking at your best performing posts from the last 3 months. What got the most engagement? What resonated with your audience the most? Instead of recreating the wheel, do more of those! That’s right, change up the graphic and the way you worded it or turn a video into a static post or carousel. Use what you already have to create more great content!

Do you blog, podcast, or do YouTube Videos? If so, repurposing this conetnt on your social media can go a long way. In fact, I map out how you can create 26+ pieces of content from just 1 of these in my blog How To Create Consistent Content For Social Media.

Use As Many Features As You Can

Most social media platforms reward you in the algorithm for switching it up. Don’t just post a photo every time. If the platform offers Lives, videos, carousels, stories, etc. Use as many as you can! Not only will it help the algorithm but different people consume different content so you are likely to reach more people that way.

Social Media Tips For Businesses: Take A Break

All in all, there’s nothing like taking a weekend off or even a week from social media and coming back refreshed. It’s ok to do that. Set “away” on your DMs, shut off your notifications, and don’t think about it for a little while. Social media can take a lot out of us and will eventually burn you out. Taking needed breaks will actually make you more inspired to create great content when you return. So don’t be afraid, take that break when you need it!

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