1.     Complete Your Profile. So many businesses set up their page quickly with the intention of getting to the rest later. If you fall into this category, go complete your profile now! Make sure you include address, hours, location, company url, About description, all your contact info, your Story, and select a category that best suits your business.

2.     Make Sure Your Username (@company) Matches Your Brand Name. This helps potential customers to find you easily. The same goes for your profile picture and cover photo. Make sure the are high resolution and go with your brand. Your logo should be featured on at least one of the pictures. PRO TIP: Check your profile and cover photos on both desktop and mobile. The photos are different sizes and placements. You need to make sure both views look good.

3.     Use The Call To Action Button! Tell people visiting your page what you want them to do. You have many buttons to choose from depending on your business type. Buttons that tend to do well are Send Message, Book Now, and Shop Now.

4.     Verify Your Page. It’s as easy as having Facebook make an automated call to your business’s public phone number. It takes less than 5 minutes and is worth doing.

Doing these 4 things not only makes your Facebook page look professional to any potential customers, but it also helps Facebook identify your business and suggest it more often when people are searching for companies like yours. Have any questions? Feel free to reach out to me: LoriCaralis@gmail.com or 781-589-3045.

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